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Helping Plant Christ-Centered Churches and Leaders

We help the global church fulfill the Great Commission by developing Spirit-filled, self-reproducing leaders and congregations


About Our Ministry

World Renewal International (WRI) is an independent, interdenominational ministry organization.  We exist to help national churches around the world fulfill the Great Commission.  We do this by developing leaders and congregations who are Spirit-filled, self-sustaining, and self-reproducing.

We accomplish this purpose through (1) empowering indigenous leaders, (2) training for biblical leadership, (3) equipping for church-planting and discipleship, and (4) sharing in strategic partnerships.

Our core values are the staple of our mission:

  • We desire to be a servant- leader organization developing Spirit-filled self-reproducing churches and leaders.
  • We desire our indigenous National leaders to make the final ministry decisions in their field.
  • National partners and ministries should own their properties.
  • We desire to send International teaching and training teams not just North Americans.
  • We desire to serve our USA domestic churches to help them be Great Commission churches by living out the Great Commandment.



“Founded in 1986, WRI has completed over 30 years of ministry. We celebrate this milestone and recognize the great things God has done in birthing the vision of Gary and Carol Wright and all that have helped WRI become what it is today. We also celebrate how God has enlarged our territory during this last quarter-century. As an organization, we are leaving behind our childhood/adolescence and moving into young adulthood. As bodies grow, they naturally develop, change, and take on new forms; their identity, while remaining essentially the same, matures and becomes much richer and deeper. That is true for WRI.

New personnel, new ideas, new opportunities, new ministries, and new challenges call for a sharpening and a refreshing of our mission, vision, and strategies. We are not abandoning what has come before, but rather seek to build on it for what lies ahead.

To that end, to position ourselves for the future that God has in store for us, we are recasting our mission, slogan, vision, and strategic purposes. The mission and the strategic purposes contained in it do not necessarily change over the long-term. The new mission statement continues those core commitments that have always defined WRI. Our vision is the way in which we want to see that mission lived out in specific, concrete ways; thus, the vision will change and morph as time passes and we accomplish different things.”

Gary E. Wright

Real Stories ♥ World Impact

The A.B.E.L. project is a micro business to help families with food and support. Each family reached by the A.B.E.L. Project is given a pregnant female goat and a brood of chickens. These animals are purchased in the country, supporting others in the country as well. Each $100 raised will allow us to purchase, transport, train and set-up a family in its own business. All we ask of each family is to give the first born animal to another family.

Local Greenfield, Indiana, businessman Brad Gray traveled to Haiti and was greatly affected by all he had seen. Wanting to help local pastors and the children of Christ Compassion Orphanage, Brad asked World Renewal International what could be done.



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